2022 Car Audio Network International Training Finale, An Opportunity to Refresh & Continue Its Evolution

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Rabu, 15/Jun/2022 12:30 WIB

Soundandmachine.com (Jakarta) - No need to explain more of how pandemic hit CAN (Car Audio Network) activities. 2022 CAN International Judges and Competitors Training held in Jakarta finally come to an end.  
Finishing the 2 days training with all the training module completed. This event was successfully run after pandemic slowing down CAN evolution to grow.  
Overall of 2022 CAN Training is to refresh, update and continue the CAN evolution. CAN online scoring has already pass its trial and as a result car audio competitions marking system is faster and more accountable.  
To be specific, judging using modified tracks C 101, 201 and 301. After that, the second evolution would be combination of online scoring and streaming music.
To keep you updated, here are competition organized and managed by CAN as it explained in training days:
CAN Q          (Sound Quality competition)
CAN Loud        (Sound Pressure Level competition)
CAN Jam        (SPL in a drag race style competition)
CAN Perform        (Sound and performance competition)
CAN Dance        (Perform sound and dance competition)
CAN Craft        (Car audio installation competition)
CAN Tune        (Car sound quality tuning competition)
CAN Carnival        (Supporting games, event, show)
CAN Shoot        (Supporting photography event)
With those updated list of competition in 2022 CAN Training, CAN should develop car audio industry everywhere and whenever possible.  
All element in CAN is significantly important here, from installers, importers and distributors all playing a key role to educate and promote car audio industry.
There is an expectation from CAN, that the promotion of car audio industry is not only direct kind a way.  
But it is also indirect way such as dance competition and photography competition. CAN is a car audio format from Indonesia, but in its development, CAN is a collaboration among elements that was mention earlier.  
We hope that CAN will be able to contribute many more ideas and roles in term of creating a better competitive state in the future. (Febri)

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