South Korea CAN President: There Will Be Asia Championship For Car Audio Competition

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Kamis, 30/Jun/2022 14:32 WIB (Jakarta) – It was an honour to meet CAN President South Korea, David JooHuem Baek in CAN Judge Training 2022 at Jakarta, Indonesia (June 13-14th).
And It was such a big opportunity for Sound And Machine to had an interview with him.
The guy flew from Korea, transit in Malaysia and all the way to Jakarta specifically for CAN Judge Training 2022 that held in Grand Orchardz Hotel, Kemayoran.
An interesting story from David, CAN Korea had been planning to make a competition for 6 years long. It was a deep planning process until a real competition held in 2018.  
“Customer feel satisfied with the competition and also CAN is different to other competition,” said David to Sound and Machine.
It’s the rule and the judging system that makes competitors happy and attracted by it.  
Adding some more, David thinks that CAN need some more International competition. All together with International competitors and judges.  
It is important to meet each other and making friends in car audio world.
He hopes that there will be Asia Championship and he knows everybody wants it even though he scared of Indonesian competitors.  
“Indonesian is too high, we are very scared, hahaha…!,” close from David. (Febri)

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