2022 CAN International Training Impression From CAN Philippines Judge, Alexander Garcia Lee

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Jum'at, 17/Jun/2022 12:30 WIB

Soundandmachine.com (Jakarta) - Have a conversation with him and you can tell from the very first sentence that he is indeed a good guy to talk with.  
As you might already know who he is from the title of this article, he is the guy behind Alx Custom Werks Philippines and he is Alexander Garcia Lee.
He is one of the judge in CAN (Car Audio Network) and a very well known one in car audio industry. Soundandmachine.com had an opportunity to talk with him in first day of CAN 2022.  
We were asking him, what’s his 3 words to describe CAN 2022? A solid answer from the guy who lived in San Fernando, Philippines and it was fun, fair and friends.  
Alex did seems excited about the event and tell soundandmachine.com that it’s his opportunity for him to mingle and connect with friends across countries within the same car audio industry.
He is an installer back in Philippines and he came to CAN 2022 as a judge. So it’s obvious that Alexander came for a judge training.  
The guy is cool and quite make an entrance as he came to the room late, it was not until a minute since he came there are so many of other guests and trainee greet him warmly.  
Soundandmachine.com couldn’t count how many fist bump, handshake and how are you question went after him.  
“From last event, this has been a great revelation for all of us and the previous 2020 training there are so very much update and very revealing stuff that Wahyu (Wahyu Tanuwidjaja, CAN Founder) told us, so we hope for better competition with CAN, especially after this pandemic,” said Alex.  
Alex also told us that CAN 2022 is a great update for him. He hasn’t been with his friends in CAN for quite some time and hasn’t done any travelling for more than 2 years because of the pandemic situation.  
He then told us, it’s a good thing to be here and to be back to refresh everything from what they (CAN) started and from what they studied a few years back.  
Let’s hope the best for all of us in car audio industry with CAN ! (Febri)

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