2022 CAN International Training Impression From CAN South Korea Judge, David JooHuem Baek

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Senin, 27/Jun/2022 13:00 WIB

Soundandmachine.com (Jakarta) – We met a special figure who also a CAN judge from South Korea, David JooHuem Baek was attending CAN International Judge and Competitor Training 2022 at Jakarta, Indonesia (June 13-14th).  
The guy known very well in car audio industry as President of CAN South Korea. What was he doing in Jakarta? And how important CAN Judge Training for him?  
He came to Jakarta specifically for CAN Judge Training and it was very important for him as a CAN President in Korea.  
“Car Audio Network is a very good car audio competition. When I met CAN at first, it was different from other car audio competition, very fun, friendly and fair,” said David to Sound And Machine.
During pandemic era of Covid-19, there was no competition in Korea, cause they have to obey the rule from government until they open a competition in 2020.  
It was a unique format that Korea had, CAN was sending judge to competitor’s place to give judgement of their audio on the spot.
David still hoping that car audio businesses and competition in Korea will return to normal again.
And we hope car audio industry and the competition back to normal situation after pandemic ended. (Febri)

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