2022 CAN International Training Impression From CAN Thailand Judge, Pakorn Mantham

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Senin, 20/Jun/2022 08:29 WIB

Soundandmachine.com (Jakarta) - “Halo Indonesia, my name is Pakorn Mantham ‘Tony’ Im from Thailand,” said Pakorn, opening an interview session with Soundandmachine.com.  
We must admit that Car Audio Network (CAN) International Training 2022 really learn our perspective of car audio industry, there are so many interesting moments.  
Meeting people from other countries and basically changing ideas or event just having conversation with them was really nice moment to be remembered.   
Meeting Pakorn is one example of how interesting the guy is and how interesting CAN training is. We have permission from Pakorn himself to call him Tony.  
So we were asking Tony to give us 3 words describing 2022 CAN Training event, Tony gives us good, fun and joy.  
Tony add, this event give a lot of new experience and many new comer joining 2022 CAN Training.  
It is a good thing, because new comer are very welcome and needed to spread CAN message and widening CAN anywhere.  
CAN also need support from the new comer to join its competition together with existing members of CAN.  
Fun and joy meeting friends across countries and have the same interest in car audio world.  
What Tony said is actually right because 2022 CAN attended by 6 countries in total including Indonesia as the host. Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia are included in the list.  
“When you compete in CAN International, you must learn from CAN and only according to CAN rules.” Tony’s state it because it does indeed very important to join 2022 CAN Training both for competitors and judges.  
If you want to compete and actually become competitive, you must learn the rules for that event. This 2022 CAN Training is like a preparation before competition begin.  
This is the 2nd time for Tony in Indonesia and overall is a nice good 2022 CAN Training event for him.  
He came for judge training because he and his Thai fellows might create CAN contest in Thailand soon.  
It’s a significant moment for Tony and he thinks there are so many categories that competitors can choose, which one matched for themselves.
As a closing of the interview, Tony said, car audio in Thailand just got recovered from pandemic.  
Its not fully recover yet but he predicts it would be next year to get things back to normal again. Let’s support each other in car audio industry ! (Febri)

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